Prop 3

Prop 3Water Infrastructure and Watershed Conservation Bond Initiative -I’m voting –NO

This page is still in progress. Info can be found at ballotpedia.

The Sierra Club has some good info about Prop 3 here.
It sounds like some of the projects will go toward helping out large agri-business and aren’t necessarily best for the environment. It convinced me to vote no.

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  1. There’s an interesting set of info. from the Sierra Club on this one. I quote

    “The bond will fund investments in water and habitat projects throughout California. Many of these projects are worthwhile. For instance, $500 million will be directed toward projects that improve drinking water in disadvantaged communities. However, other projects are generous giveaways to private entities. Approximately $750 million will be given away to an entity to use to support large projects designed to give one of the largest agricultural companies in the world new canals. Other money could go to building new dams even though existing dams are not being maintained at safe levels.”
    Here is a Sierra Club article with more info./ opinion on environmental impacts of this measure passing:

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