Prop 2

Prop 2Allow Millionaire tax money to be spent on Homeless Services -I’m voting YES

In 2004, we passed Prop 63, which created a 1% tax on income over $1 Million, to be used for health services. The State Legislature voted in 2016 to use some of this money for housing services for people with mental health issues. Because the original tax was created through a ballot initiative, this small change to the scope of the spending also requires a ballot initiative. Prop 2 would allow this change and would add the following projects to those funded by the Millionaire Tax:

  • The No Place Like Home Program, which finances permanent housing for individuals with mental illness who are homeless or at risk for chronic homelessness, as being consistent with the Mental Health Services Act approved by the electorate.
  • Amends the Mental Health Services Act to authorize transfers of up to $140 million annually from the existing Mental Health Services Fund to the No Place Like Home Program, with no increase in taxes.[4]

Supported by:  housing and mental health advocates, as well as builders. Mark Zuckerberg’s family (FB) donated a lot of money to support Prop 2. Most major Newspapers in CA support Prop 2.

Opposed by: the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) Contra Costa.  The argument against is that it will divert money from direct mental health treatment toward housing, and that it will create corruption and bureaucracy in doing so.

I think this is a great use of the money, and will be voting Yes.  This is an example of needing another initiative to change a previous initiative. An argument against Measure M (Santa Cruz Rent Control) is that modifying it would need another initiative like this.