Measure H

Santa Cruz County Measure H – Housing Bonds -I’m voting YES

This would allow the county to sell $140M in bonds, (basically taking out a loan from taxpayers) in order to increase low income housing. The breakdown is as follows (from ballotpedia).

  • $105 million (75 percent) toward construction of 1,041 rental units and accessory dwelling units for low-income and moderate-income households;
  • $21 million (15 percent) toward homeless facilities and year-round shelter; and
  • $14 million (10 percent) toward loans for first-time homeowners

A two-thirds (66.67 percent) supermajority vote is required for the approval of Measure H.

The interest on these bonds would be paid off by increasing property taxes between $12 and $17 per $100,000 assessed value.

Supported by: Michael Watkins, county superintendent of schools, Raymon Cancino, chief executive officer, Meals on Wheels and Lift Line, Katherine Beiers, former mayor of Santa Cruz, Thomas Broz, organic farmer, county farm bureau president, Keisha Frost, chief executive officer, United Way of Santa Cruz County.

Opposed by: Colonel Michael “Terry” Maxwell, retired military officer, Carmen Bernal, senior, Beverly Costello, homeowner, Kris Kirby, business owner.

It looks like a good thing to me.

4 thoughts on “Measure H”

  1. I am definitely against a measure that seems to involve paying more taxes in order to make Santa Cruz county more crowded, more full of traffic, more likely to have water shortages. I know this is America, but more is not always better . . .

    1. I’m not sure if Measure H would lead to more people in Santa Cruz County overall. I’d guess there will be growth no matter what unless we take steps to limit it, which would be good for crowdedness but maybe bad for housing costs. It seems to me like Measure H would just help make it so the growth isn’t just from rich people moving in from Silicon Valley. It seems like it would help long-term, non-rich residents like us be able to stay living here.

  2. While it is nice to provide subsidies for low income people, I am worried about more high density housing and more water usage in the county. Will this put us on the path to desal? There may be not shortage of people who want to move here, and if it was “affordable” then there could be a huge of influx of people. On the other hand, those who would benefit from this measure definitely do need the help. The benefit to the homeless shelters alone is worth it for this bill to pass. So I am torn, will probably vote yes, but also don’t like to subsidize the construction industry, who is really going to benefit here

  3. I can’t help but think that this measure would benefit a LOT of people who already live in Santa Cruz, either on the street, in a shelter or in rental units. I see it more as giving a leg-up to Santa Cruz residents who need a better housing situation. I can’t understand how service workers in this town can put a roof over their heads. Maybe this measure could make it possible for many more of those people to live in clean, safe housing.

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