Measure G

Santa Cruz County Measure G – 1/2 cent Sales Tax Increase in unincorporated areas
-I’m voting YES

This would raise the sales tax charges in all transactions in unincorporated areas of SC county by 1/2 cent, from 8.5% to 9%. The money would go to the County’s General Fund and would raise approximately $6M a year for the County. It would remain in effect for 12 years.
Here are the current sales tax rates for some cities in Santa Cruz County:
-Santa Cruz: 9%
-Capitola: 9%
-Scott’s Valley: 9%
-Aptos: 8.5%
-Felton: 8.5%

It seems fair to me for the County to raise money by bringing its sales tax up to the levels of other cities, even though it is for the general fund and not earmarked for specific purposes like many of the city tax increases.

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