My bias

Just to be clear, here’s my bias and general attitude toward stuff:

I work at a Community College as a science lab manager and I’m a big advocate of education. I’m an environmentalist and I think the state should protect the land, air and water.  I’ve been a renter in Santa Cruz, CA for 36 years, never being able to afford buying a house. I don’t have kids.

I’m pretty disgusted with capitalism, at least the way it is now with corporations having so much power and the constant need for ‘growth’ rather than sustainability.

I don”t really identify with the Dems or the Republicans, though I vote mostly for Dem candidates. I think the silly fighting between the two parties masks the fact that big money has taken over politics. I think both parties are completely entrenched in that system and we need to get out of it.

I guess I’m a socialist, but don’t like to be part of any formal group like ‘Socialists with a capital S. My opinions on things sometimes go against the normal Santa Cruz liberal position, and my friends think I’m weird (though I’d say that’s the exception rather than the rule.)