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I created this to provide place (beside FBook) to have thoughtful discussions on the issues on the upcoming election. I’m giving my personal thoughts along with how I plan to vote, because a lot of friends have asked me for that. I’ve done a fair amount of reading (a lot at ballotpedia) and I’ve tried hard to be as accurate as possible, but I’m not putting myself out as an expert. I’m especially interested in the group discussion so that we can all learn from each other and I’d love to be convinced to change my mind on any issue. I’ve described my personal bias here

My hope is that people will add respectful thoughts, ask questions, provide links to further info etc. This isn’t intended as a ‘vote’ or a place to get ‘likes’, so the best posts are ones that add something new to the discussion.  Please be respectful of all opinions and don’t shout down anyone else. This isn’t about “who gets the most likes”.  I’m not thinking the discussion will  convince people of all political persuasions, but rather will help people who have similar values decide how to vote to best further those values. I DO want to hear thoughtful disagreement from people, however, since that is how we learn.

You don’t have to give your email address to leave a comment, but do give your name so we know who’s talking. Leave general comments on this page and comments about specific initiatives on the ‘more’ detailed pages. (Your first comment won’t appear immediately because it has to get ‘approved’ to keep out spam.)  Please pass on the link to others you think might be interested.

Other good sources of information:
sierra club info

–Santa Cruz County —

Measure HCounty Bond for Low Income Housing
Construction of rental units, homeless services, and home loans. (more)
I’m voting: YES

Measure G 1/2 cent Sales Tax Increase in Unincorporated Area
 (more I’m voting: YES

Measure MCity of Santa Cruz Rent Control
Limits rent increases and evictions, establishes Santa Cruz rent board. (more)
I’m voting: YES

Santa Cruz City Council
Some info here.

–California Ballot Measures–

Prop 1$4 Billion Bond for Housing Programs
Home loans to veterans and loans to create low income rental housing. (more)
I’m voting: YES

Prop 2Homeless Prevention
Authorizes using money from the Millionaire Tax to help with housing for people in need of mental health services  . (more) I’m voting: YES

Prop 3$9B Bond for Water infrastructure and conservation. (more)
 I’m voting: NO

Prop 4$1.5 B  Bond for Children’s Hospitals  (more)
I’m voting: YES

Prop 5Property Tax Transfers for elderly or disabled
Allows people to transfer their property tax when they move to a more valuable house. (more)
I’m voting: NO

Prop 6Repeal 2017 gas tax increase
Would require future gas tax increases to get voter approval plus 2/3 majority in state legislature. (more)
I’m voting: NO

Prop 7Daylight Savings Time.
Permits CA to make a permanent DST if the USA ever allows that. (more)
I’m voting: NO

Prop 8Limits charges for kidney dialysis
Limits how much dialysis centers can charge. (more)
I’m voting: NO

Prop 9Split CA into 3 States – REMOVED FROM BALLOT

Prop 10Rent Control
Repeals the Costa-Hawkins Act and allows broader local rent control. (more)
I’m voting: YES

Prop 11Work breaks for Ambulance Drivers
Makes it legal to require drivers to be ‘on-call’ during lunch breaks. (more)
I’m voting: NO

Prop 12Minimum space requirement for animals
Establishes new minimum space requirements for confining veal calves, breeding pigs, and egg-laying hens. (more)
I’m voting: YES